About Our Camp


Tunas Bangsa Camp was never been built, because literally no building for this camp. It is an initiative program that was created by a small group of people, who wants a change. The main purpose of Tunas Bangsa Camp is for helping children in remote location of our country, providing a better chance of education by distributing books from major city of Indonesia to the village.

Our Location in Daya Murni

Our Location in Babakan Gebang

We started this camp since 2013, it was with less than 10 books. Now, although still considered small, we now have 100+ books with the help of National Library Board of Singapore, and some of our own donation and some kind fellows out there in Indonesia.
Yes, of course, the children were happy if they got new books which they can read everytime they want.
Yes, we are just small. Yes, we may not have the power to change everything. Yet we are faithful of what we are doing.


Of course we do have mission! Our main mission is to help our kind neighbour get their children educated, more open minded, more "English" (together with their local and Indonesian language).

Future Plans

What we can see in the future is that we would like to help them more. Of course with the help of you only, we would be able to make it. Initially we only distribute books and put them in a small house, so they can come and read. Exactly the same like a free library for children.

Now we are distributing funds for the children who requires financial assistance. This includes the fund for their books, shoes, school attire, and every aspects of their school needs. We previously helped for not more than 2 beneficiaries, which we expect that we can help them until they finish their college. Now with the help of your hands, we can add 1 more beneficiary.

Things still can change in the future, so ours. After we have achieved our plan to add 1 more beneficiary, we are planning to add 1 beneficiary every 6 months. We may plan in the future to help the children by helping their education expenses to more children, or buying books for them.

Please make up their future. Donate NOW? Please take time to read Donation Criteria page.